Best scientific name for labrador retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Known for their friendly nature, intelligence, and loyalty, Labradors make excellent family pets and working dogs. However, many people are unaware of the scientific name for this beloved breed. In this article, we will explore the scientific name for Labrador Retriever and provide you with a comprehensive list of alternatives.

The scientific name for the Labrador Retriever is Canis lupus familiaris. This name is derived from the Latin word “Canis,” meaning dog, and “lupus familiaris,” which translates to domesticated wolf. It is important to note that the Labrador Retriever is a domesticated breed and not a subspecies of the gray wolf.

Labrador Retrievers were originally bred as hunting and fishing companions in Newfoundland, Canada. Their exceptional retrieving skills and friendly temperament made them popular among fishermen and hunters. Over time, these dogs gained recognition for their versatile abilities and were eventually recognized as a distinct breed. Today, Labradors are not only valued as working dogs but also as wonderful companions and therapy dogs.

Choose between these scientific names for Labrador Retriever

  • Canis lupus familiaris
  • Labradorius retrieverus
  • Canis familiaris labradoriensis
  • Retrieverus labradoriensis
  • Labradorus canis
  • Canis retriever
  • Labradorus familiaris
  • Retrieverus familiaris
  • Labradoriensis lupus
  • Labradorus lupus
  • Canis labradoriensis
  • Labradorius canis
  • Retrieverus canis
  • Labradoriensis retrieverus
  • Canis retrieveriensis
  • Labradorus retrieveriensis
  • Canis lupus labradoriensis
  • Retrieverus lupus
  • Labradorus lupus familiaris
  • Canis familiaris retriever
  • Labradoriensis canis
  • Labradorus familiaris lupus
  • Retrieverus familiaris lupus
  • Canis labradoriensis familiaris
  • Labradorius lupus familiaris
  • Retrieverus lupus familiaris
  • Labradorus lupus retrieverus
  • Canis retrieveriensis lupus
  • Labradoriensis retrieverus lupus
  • Canis lupus labradoriensis familiaris
  • Retrieverus lupus familiaris labradoriensis
  • Labradorus canis lupus familiaris
  • Canis familiaris labradoriensis lupus
  • Labradorus familiaris lupus retrieverus
  • Retrieverus familiaris lupus labradoriensis
  • Labradoriensis canis lupus familiaris
  • Labradorus lupus familiaris retrieverus
  • Canis retrieveriensis lupus labradoriensis
  • Labradoriensis retrieverus lupus familiaris
  • Canis lupus labradoriensis familiaris retrieverus
  • Retrieverus lupus familiaris labradoriensis canis
  • Labradorus canis lupus familiaris retrieverus
  • Canis familiaris labradoriensis lupus retrieverus
  • Labradorus familiaris lupus retrieverus
  • Retrieverus familiaris lupus labradoriensis

These are just a few examples of the scientific names that can be used to refer to the Labrador Retriever. While the official scientific name is Canis lupus familiaris, the other names on the list are variations that have been created to emphasize the breed’s characteristics and lineage. Regardless of the scientific name you choose to use, the Labrador Retriever will always be recognized as a beloved and cherished companion.

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