Best other name for empanada

Empanadas are a delicious and popular dish that can be found in various cuisines around the world. These savory pastries are made by folding dough around a filling, which can consist of meats, cheeses, vegetables, or even sweet ingredients. While empanadas are commonly known by this name, they also go by different names in different regions. In this article, we will explore some of the other names used to refer to empanadas.

In Latin American countries, empanadas are a beloved staple and are often sold as street food or enjoyed as a snack or appetizer. However, they are known by different names depending on the country. For example, in Argentina and Uruguay, they are called “empanadas” just like in Spain, where they originated. In Chile, they are known as “empanadas de pino” when filled with ground beef, onions, raisins, and olives. In Mexico, they are called “empanadas de horno” or “empanadas de cazuela,” and they are typically baked instead of fried.

Heading further north in the Americas, empanadas are also popular in the Caribbean. In Puerto Rico, they are known as “pastelillos,” while in the Dominican Republic, they are called “empanaditas” or “pastelitos.” In Cuba, they go by the name “pastelitos de carne” or “pastelitos de guayaba,” depending on the filling. These variations reflect the diverse culinary traditions and influences found in the region.

Choose between these other names for empanada

  • Pastelillos (Puerto Rico)
  • Empanaditas (Dominican Republic)
  • Pastelitos de carne (Cuba)
  • Pastelitos de guayaba (Cuba)
  • Empanadas de pino (Chile)
  • Empanadas de horno (Mexico)
  • Empanadas de cazuela (Mexico)
  • Salteñas (Bolivia)
  • Pastel de carne (Colombia)
  • Empanaditas de viento (Ecuador)
  • Pastelitos de pollo (Cuba)
  • Empadas (Brazil)
  • Empanadas Tucumanas (Argentina)
  • Empanadas Gallegas (Spain)
  • Empanadas Murcianas (Spain)
  • Empadinha (Brazil)
  • Empanaditas de cerveza (Argentina)
  • Hamantaschen (Jewish cuisine)
  • Pasteles (Puerto Rico)
  • Empanaditas de jamón y queso (Argentina)
  • Empanadas de camarão (Brazil)
  • Banku and Empanada (Ghana)
  • Empanaditas de dulce (Argentina)
  • Empanadas de pollo (Peru)
  • Empanadas de atún (Chile)
  • Empanadas de cazón (Mexico)
  • Pastelitos de cangrejo (Cuba)
  • Empanadas de queso (Colombia)
  • Empanadillas (Spain)
  • Empanadas de manzana (Argentina)
  • Empanadas de leche (Spain)
  • Empanadas de maíz (Venezuela)
  • Empanadas de cajeta (Mexico)
  • Empanadas de morocho (Argentina)
  • Empanadas de choclo (Chile)
  • Empanadas de pato (Uruguay)
  • Rissois (Portugal)
  • Empanadas de picadillo (Cuba)
  • Empanadas de cebolla (Argentina)
  • Empanadas de espinaca (Argentina)
  • Empanadas de requesón (Spain)

These are just a few of the many names used to refer to empanadas around the world. Whether you call them empanadas, pastelillos, or any other name, one thing is for sure – these delicious pastries are a true culinary delight that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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