Best latin name for dahlia

Latin Name for Dahlia

Dahlias are beautiful flowering plants that belong to the Asteraceae family. Known for their vibrant colors and diverse flower forms, dahlias have become a popular choice for gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike. While the common name for this stunning flower is dahlia, it also has a variety of Latin names that are used to categorize different species and varieties.

The use of Latin names in the botanical world helps to standardize the identification and classification of plants. These names are derived from Latin or Greek words and are used to describe specific characteristics of the plant. When it comes to dahlias, there are numerous Latin names that represent the various species and cultivars.

In this article, we will explore some of the Latin names for dahlias and provide a list of options for you to choose from when selecting the perfect dahlia for your garden.

Choose between these Latin Names for Dahlia

  • Dahlia pinnata
  • Dahlia coccinea
  • Dahlia imperialis
  • Dahlia juarezii
  • Dahlia merckii
  • Dahlia tenuicaulis
  • Dahlia australis
  • Dahlia brevis
  • Dahlia calida
  • Dahlia campanulata
  • Dahlia coccinea
  • Dahlia excelsa
  • Dahlia fulgida
  • Dahlia glabrata
  • Dahlia gracilis
  • Dahlia grandiflora
  • Dahlia insignis
  • Dahlia integra
  • Dahlia laciniata
  • Dahlia longifolia
  • Dahlia maxima
  • Dahlia pectinata
  • Dahlia purpurea
  • Dahlia radicans
  • Dahlia rosea
  • Dahlia sambucifolia
  • Dahlia scabra
  • Dahlia spectabilis
  • Dahlia sphaeroidea
  • Dahlia stipulacea
  • Dahlia suaveolens
  • Dahlia superflua
  • Dahlia tomentosa
  • Dahlia unguiculata
  • Dahlia variabilis
  • Dahlia vestita
  • Dahlia violacea
  • Dahlia virginiana
  • Dahlia vulcanica
  • Dahlia x hortensis

These are just a few examples of the Latin names for dahlias. Each name represents a different species or variety of dahlia, and they can help you narrow down your options when choosing the perfect dahlia for your garden. Whether you prefer the Dahlia pinnata with its delicate petals or the Dahlia brevis with its compact form, there is a Latin name for every dahlia lover.

Remember, when searching for dahlias using their Latin names, it’s important to use the correct spelling and format to ensure accurate results. So, go ahead and explore the world of dahlias with their fascinating Latin names and add a touch of elegance and beauty to your garden.

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