Best common name for tarsals

common name for tarsals

Common Name for Tarsals

When it comes to understanding the human skeletal system, the tarsals play a vital role in providing stability and support to our feet. The tarsals are a group of seven small bones located in the hindfoot, connecting the tibia and fibula of the lower leg to the metatarsals of the foot. Each tarsal bone has its own unique structure and function, and they collectively contribute to our ability to walk, run, and maintain balance.

While the tarsals are essential for our daily activities, many of us might not know the common names for these bones. In this article, we will explore the various common names used for the tarsals, providing a comprehensive list to help you better understand and communicate about this important part of our skeletal system.

Whether you are a medical professional, an anatomy enthusiast, or simply curious about the human body, learning the common names for tarsals can enhance your knowledge and facilitate effective communication in various contexts.

Choose between these common names for tarsals

  • Calcaneus
  • Talus
  • Navicular
  • Cuboid
  • Lateral Cuneiform
  • Intermediate Cuneiform
  • Medial Cuneiform
  • First Metatarsal
  • Second Metatarsal
  • Third Metatarsal
  • Fourth Metatarsal
  • Fifth Metatarsal
  • Scaphoid
  • Lunate
  • Triquetrum
  • Pisiform
  • Hamate
  • Capitate
  • Trapezoid
  • Trapezium
  • Phalanges
  • Metatarsals
  • Tarsometatarsal
  • Cuneonavicular
  • Cuboidnavicular
  • Calcaneocuboid
  • Intercuneiform
  • Cuneocuboid
  • Naviculocuneiform
  • Calcaneonavicular
  • Talocalcaneal
  • Astragalocalcaneal
  • Calcaneocuboidnavicular
  • Talonavicular
  • Calcaneocuboidnavicularcuneiform
  • Calcaneocuboidnavicularcuneiformmetatarsals
  • Calcaneocuboidnavicularcuneiformmetatarsal-phalanges
  • Calcaneocuboidnavicularcuneiformmetatarsal-phalangesproximal-phalanges
  • Calcaneocuboidnavicularcuneiformmetatarsal-phalangesproximal-phalangesmiddle-phalanges
  • Calcaneocuboidnavicularcuneiformmetatarsal-phalangesproximal-phalangesmiddle-phalangesdistal-phalanges
  • Calcaneocuboidnavicularcuneiformmetatarsal-phalangesproximal-phalangesmiddle-phalangesdistal-phalangesinterphalangeal
  • Calcaneocuboidnavicularcuneiformmetatarsal-phalangesproximal-phalangesmiddle-phalangesdistal-phalangesinterphalangeal-toes

With this extensive list of common names for tarsals, you can now confidently refer to these bones in various contexts. Whether you are studying anatomy, discussing foot injuries, or simply interested in understanding the human body, knowing these common names will undoubtedly enhance your knowledge and communication skills.

Remember, the tarsals are crucial for the proper functioning of our feet, and understanding their names can help us appreciate their role in enabling our mobility and balance.

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