Best cardi b quotes

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, better known by her stage name Cardi B, has taken the music industry by storm with her unapologetic lyrics and fierce personality. This Bronx-born rapper has become a sensation, not only for her catchy songs but also for her candid and relatable quotes.

Cardi B is known for her no-filter approach to life and her ability to speak her mind without hesitation. Her quotes are a reflection of her bold and fearless attitude, making her an icon for self-empowerment and authenticity.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best Cardi B quotes that will inspire you, make you laugh, and remind you to always stay true to yourself.

Read these Cardi B quotes:

“I’m a boss in a skirt, I’m a dog, I’m a flirt.”

“Knock me down nine times, but I get up ten.”

“I’m the rose that came from the concrete.”

“I can’t be submissive, I like to be aggressive.”

“I’m my own competition, I’m competing with myself.”

“I’m a gangsta in a dress, I’m a bully in the bed.”

“I’m a rich bitch, I’m the bottom of the pot.”

“I’m a boss, you a worker bitch.”

“I’m the best, I’m the queen, I’m everything in between.”

“I’m the bitch they love to hate, but still they follow.”

“I’m the type to kiss and tell, but only if you’re worth it.”

“I’m the one that’s got the juice, now look like I’m ’bout to squeeze.”

“I’m the one they’re watching like a hawk, but I’m fly like a dove.”

“I’m the one that’s always winning, never losing sleep.”

“I’m the one that’s shining bright, like a diamond in the rough.”

“I’m the one they wanna be, but they can’t compete.”

“I’m the one that’s always grinding, never taking breaks.”

“I’m the one that’s got the sauce, now everybody wants a taste.”

“I’m the one that’s making moves, while they’re stuck in place.”

“I’m the one that’s making history, breaking records every day.”

These Cardi B quotes are just a glimpse into her confident and unapologetic persona. Whether you’re a fan of her music or not, there’s no denying the impact she has made on the industry and the empowerment she brings to her fans.

So, next time you need a dose of inspiration, a reminder to be true to yourself, or just a good laugh, revisit these Cardi B quotes and channel your inner boss!

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