Best bible quiz multiple choice questions with answers

The Bible is a sacred text that holds great significance for millions of people around the world. It contains a wealth of wisdom, teachings, and stories that have shaped the lives of believers for centuries. One way to deepen your understanding of the Bible is by participating in a Bible quiz. These quizzes test your knowledge and help you explore different aspects of the scriptures. In this article, we have compiled a list of multiple-choice questions with answers to challenge and engage your biblical knowledge.

Whether you are a student of theology, a Bible study group leader, or simply someone interested in learning more about the scriptures, these multiple-choice questions will provide an opportunity for you to test your knowledge and learn something new. From questions about the life of Jesus to inquiries about specific verses and characters in the Bible, this quiz covers a wide range of topics. Use these questions for personal study, group discussions, or even as a fun game during your next gathering.

Remember, the purpose of these quizzes is not just to test your knowledge but also to encourage deeper exploration and understanding of the Bible. Enjoy the process of discovering new insights and reflecting on the teachings of this timeless text.

See these Bible Quiz Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

  • 1. Who was the first man created by God?
  • 2. Which book of the Bible contains the Ten Commandments?
  • 3. How many books are there in the New Testament?
  • 4. Who was the mother of Jesus?
  • 5. How many days and nights was Jesus tempted in the wilderness?
  • 6. Who betrayed Jesus to the authorities?
  • 7. What is the first book of the Bible?
  • 8. What is the shortest verse in the Bible?
  • 9. Who killed Goliath?
  • 10. How many disciples did Jesus have?
  • 11. Which disciple denied Jesus three times?
  • 12. What is the last book of the Bible?
  • 13. Who built the ark according to God’s instructions?
  • 14. What is the fifth book of the New Testament?
  • 15. Which river did Jesus get baptized in?
  • 16. Who was the first king of Israel?
  • 17. How many plagues did God send upon Egypt?
  • 18. What is the first commandment?
  • 19. Who was swallowed by a large fish?
  • 20. Where was Jesus born?
  • 21. What did Jesus turn water into at the wedding in Cana?
  • 22. Who wrote most of the Psalms?
  • 23. How many brothers did Joseph have?
  • 24. What is the shortest book in the New Testament?
  • 25. Who is considered the father of many nations in the Bible?
  • 26. How many days did it take for God to create the world?
  • 27. Who was the first martyr in the Bible?
  • 28. What is the seventh commandment?
  • 29. Which prophet was taken up to heaven in a chariot of fire?
  • 30. Who wrote the book of Revelation?
  • 31. How many times did Peter deny Jesus?
  • 32. What is the longest chapter in the Bible?
  • 33. Who was the father of John the Baptist?
  • 34. What is the ninth commandment?
  • 35. Which disciple doubted Jesus’ resurrection?
  • 36. Who was the first high priest of Israel?
  • 37. How many sons did Jacob have?
  • 38. What is the fourth book of the New Testament?
  • 39. Who wrote the book of Acts?
  • 40. How many fruits of the Spirit are mentioned in the Bible?

These are just a few examples of the multiple-choice questions you can expect to find in a Bible quiz. Take the time to explore each question, reflect on the answers, and dive deeper into the scriptures to enhance your understanding of the Bible. Remember, the journey of studying the Bible is a lifelong pursuit, and quizzes like these can be valuable tools along the way. Happy quizzing!

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