Best aramaic name for jesus

aramaic name for jesus

Aramaic, an ancient Semitic language, was widely spoken during the time of Jesus Christ. It holds great significance in understanding the cultural and linguistic context of biblical events. The Aramaic name for Jesus carries deep meaning and symbolism, shedding light on the character and purpose of the Son of God. Exploring these names can provide a deeper understanding of Jesus’ identity and the role He plays in the lives of believers.

The Aramaic language, being the language spoken by Jesus and His disciples, offers insights into the original meanings behind various biblical texts. By studying the Aramaic names for Jesus, we can gain a richer understanding of His mission and qualities. These names serve as a reminder of His divinity, love, and salvation.

In this article, we will present a list of Aramaic names for Jesus, each with its unique significance. These names reflect different aspects of His nature and the roles He fulfills in the lives of believers. Let us explore these names and appreciate the depth of Jesus’ identity as we dive into the rich linguistic heritage of Aramaic.

Choose between these Aramaic Names for Jesus

  • Yeshua
  • Mshiha
  • Maranatha
  • Alaha
  • Mor Yeshua
  • Maran
  • Rabboni
  • Mart Maryam
  • Aman
  • Morane
  • Roho Qudsha
  • Yesu M’shikhaya
  • Mar Shimun
  • Malik Al-Masih
  • Maran Eshoa
  • Maran Rabban
  • Maran Mar
  • Yeshua Alaha
  • Maran Ba’utha
  • Maran Yeshua
  • Maran Ya’qub
  • Maran Mattai
  • Moryo
  • Maran Isho
  • Maran Uchana
  • Maran Sliwa
  • Maran Hnanisho
  • Mart Maryam Alaha
  • Maran Addai
  • Maran Qudsha
  • Maran Yonan
  • Maran Tuma
  • Maran Dinkha
  • Maran Ahai
  • Maran Hibil
  • Maran Bar Sahde
  • Maran Disho
  • Maran Abraham
  • Maran Elisha
  • Maran Shem’un
  • Maran Eliya
  • Maran Khnanisho
  • Maran Qaddishe

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