10 Tips for Beginning Book Bloggers and Reviewers


First things first: I know that this post is a little bit presumptuous of me. I am barely a blip on the internet’s radar, who am I to say what people should and shouldn’t put on their blogs? I am not an authority on the subject and you should write whatever the hell you want without caring about what I have to say ’cause baby you’re a firework. Still, I have noticed a few “trends” amongst young book bloggers that make me cringe and after reading one bad review too many, I thought it was time to dedicate a post to some basic do’s and don’ts of the field.

These tips are all on the actual writing on your blog, not the way it looks or the way you (don’t) sell yourself. My focus is on what matters most: the quality of your content.

(That said, a readable font and a lay-out that doesn’t give your readers a headache or seizures are worth looking into.)

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