In A Nutshell

MoustacheUnder construction due to the mythical creatures that have escaped from our headquarters and are now running amok .

In A Nutshell will be an extensive glossary of literary terms, authors, and book titles, giving you a quick definition/introduction and some reading suggestions. Right now it is still a work in progress, but new entries are added all the time!

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Daphne du Maurier -  Writer of atmospheric and suspenseful literature. Read More
Jane Austen -  One of the most widely read writers in English literature. Read more
John Green -  Popular young adult author and Youtube personality. Read more
Neil Gaiman -  Prolific writer of dark fantasy with a cult following. Read more
Oscar Wilde -  Gay icon and Victorian author known for his wit. Read More
Terry Pratchett -  Author of satirical fantasy, second most-read author in the UK. Read More
Wilfred Owen -  War poet who combined Romantic influences with harsh realism. Read more


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